Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!We are on the Polish machine-tool market since 1991. Our major activity is the sales and service of technology equipment (mainly machine-tools). Our traditional purchase markets were the Far-East countries: Japan and Taiwan. In recent years we are cooperating also with European machine tools makers from: Span, Italy, Germany.
About 500 our customers are using about 700 machine tools and other technology equipment that we have delivered to them. Some of those customers had created their marketplace and power thanks to our offer of the good quality machine tools from Japan and Taiwan.
Our offer contains about 400 different machine tools and other equipment for metal-machining and plastic-forming industry. Some of them (but not all, of course) – you can find in our website.
We deliver also turn-key solutions for machining of technology- advanced parts. 

Scope of services supplied by APX Technologie Co. Ltd
  • Supplies of CNC machine tools, injection molding machines and other technology equipment
  • Technical and technological consultancy
  • Installations and implementations
  • Personnel's training
  • Guaranty and post-guaranty service
  • Safety certificate CE
Projekt & cms: www.zstudio.pl
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